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In 2017, a new diet emerged and became the most popular diet of the year. That diet is the Keto Diet. People have touted success with weight loss, more energy, and overall improved health thanks to this diet. But what exactly is it? Today, we’ll uncover the science behind the Keto Diet, as well as how you can utilize it.

How does the Keto Diet work?

Carbohydrates are in most things we eat. If it contains a plant or plant-based material, it will have carbs. When we digest carbs, our body is turning the carbs into glucose. Our bodies naturally produce insulin, which is the chemical that breaks glucose down into energy. By limiting our carb intake, our system must find a different source of energy: fat. Therefore, the Keto Diet uses the natural state of ketosis to redirect our energy source from carbs to fat.

What are the benefits of the Keto Diet?

The most obvious benefit is losing weight. Most people lose weight on the Keto Diet, as long as they follow it correctly and do not have any impactful health conditions. The Keto Diet also helps people stay energetic for longer. This is because carbohydrates are simpler for our bodies to break down, meaning our energy source will burn out faster. This is one reason why people crash after eating carb-heavy foods. By forcing our bodies to convert fat to energy, we may have less-intense energy, but our energy lasts much longer.

Another benefit is a healthier diet for diabetics. People with Type 2 Diabetes either do not produce insulin or may be insulin-resistant. This means that glucose is harder to break down and high-carb diets may lead to dangerous sugar spikes. Many diabetics are on similar diets already, but it is important to speak with a doctor about whether the Keto Diet is right for you.

What are some side effects?

Cramping, digestive problems, and reduced energy are all typical short-term side effects of the Keto Diet, and most go away within a week or two. Some people also experience hair loss, gallstones, or a rash-like feeling after exercising. If any of these symptoms persist more than a few weeks, contact your doctor.

Should I try the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is generally a healthy diet for anyone, but it is always important to keep in mind any medical conditions you have that may affect the diet’s effects. If you are concerned about whether the diet is healthy for you, your general practitioner can give you more insight.

Overall, the Keto Diet is one of the most science-based diets to make it into the mainstream, and that is a good thing. Over the past 30 years, science has increasingly shown that high-fat, low-carb diets are good for maintaining a healthy body weight, fighting the onset of diseases, and living a generally healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a change, why not try the Keto Diet?