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What’s the healthiest form of exercise? Forget the crowded, intimidating gym and that expensive piece of exercise equipment collecting dust in a corner. Experts say walking is as good as it gets when it comes to exercise to improve health and lose weight.

And the best part about it is that it’s free. There are no dues to pay and no special gear to buy. All a walker needs are comfortable, sturdy shoes and a warm jacket, hat, and gloves for cold weather. Add a pedometer to keep track of your progress.

Eight Health Benefits Of Walking
A brisk 30-minute walk every day provides the most health benefits. But even a stroll with stops to admire the flowers and birds will help. Here are eight health benefits of walking.
1. Walking strengthens the heart and lungs and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
2. Regular walks can help manage hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.
3. Walking helps build strong bones and muscles and improves balance.
4. Walking burns calories and promotes weight loss.
5. A short walk after eating can lower blood sugar.
6. Walking lubricates and strengthens the muscles that support the joints and can protect the knees and hips. Walking can also ease the pain of arthritis and help prevent it.
7. Since it increases oxygen flow, walking can boost energy when you’re feeling tired.
8. A walk in the fresh air can also improve mental health. It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and negativity. At the same time, it can boost self-esteem.

A Walk A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Here are some ways to make walking part of a daily routine.

  • Walk briskly but don’t overdo it. Walking briskly means being able to talk but not sing. Pushing beyond a comfortable pace will make walking more of a chore than fun.
  • Choose a couple of different routes to avoid boredom.
  • Find a place to walk inside when the weather’s too bad to be outdoors. Enclosed malls are great places to walk, and some open early for walkers.
  • If walking for 30 minutes isn’t possible, schedule several short walks every day, perhaps after meals.
  • Leave the phone in a pocket and enjoy all the sights and sounds nature has to offer.