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HIIT has become the best workout for busy people. The current economy requires people to work 24/7. Therefore, many people don’t have time to go for long walks in the park or hiking. People want an intensive workout with quick results such as HIIT. Here is a list of the best HIIT workouts.

Classic Run-walk Tempos

The workout is done by alternating between running fast and strolling for about 20 minutes. The best alternating method is to walk between the curves and run when one reaches the straight ways.

Trainers encourage people to run at 75 percent of their maximum speed. The person will know that they are on the right pace if they can still talk and laugh while running. The time between running and walking is used as the recovery time to slow down the heart rate.


People perform the workout by doing a warmup with exercise outside the tread, followed by half a mile jog. The training requires the individual to complete the maximum sprinting speed. The best thing about the trend is that an individual can slow down the belt’s speed. Instead, the person can use hill sprinting.

Spin Bike Climb Intervals

The first step is to sit on the spin bike and pedals at a moderate speed and start the timer. After one minute, the person should change to a “climb” and adjust the bike’s resistance to high. The individual should continue peddling and climb the resistance until 60seconds are over. The last step is to decrease the resistance up to zero. One can repeat the whole process for 12 minutes.

Trap Bar Farmers Walk

When doing this workout, the person should stand calmly and let the bodyweight balance on a trap bar. The person needs to keep their chest high while pulling the shoulder blade down. The individual is now ready to walk on heal-to-toe for 40 meters. There is a rest of three minutes after completing the exercise. A person should aim to do ten sets.

Burning fat in the current world is vital in preventing lifestyle diseases. The four HIIT workouts can be a good start towards a healthy life.