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Montreal is known for its terrific city life. There are festivals and events every season, great food all the time, and a fantastic art culture. However, something that most people overlook when visiting this lively city is that there are some truly splendid hiking trails very close by.

Here is a list of six great hikes to take the next time you visit Montreal.

Parc du Mount-Royal
To get to the trailhead from downtown just head west and start your ascent up! There are many jumping on points as this trail offers amazing views of the city, from inside the city. There are loops to walk, cycle, or even cross-country ski throughout the park.

Les Lacs in Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park
This is a short drive from Montreal and a very leisurely hike. The trail will lead you by all five of the parks lakes and the park itself offers trails that range from easy to intermediate.

Le Haut-Lieu Trail
This is a great choice any season! There are multiple trails for cross-country skiers and many viewpoints. Along the hike you’ll find picnic tables, welcoming a deserved break to snack and relax.

Dieppe Trail
This hike can take a total of three hours, making it a fairly short hike for the beautiful views you’ll be rewarded with. There are several trails that take you through the high points of Mont Ste. Hilair. The reserve is home to an estimated 800 species of butterflies and includes great views of the hills and the Richelieu valley and river. To get there locate the trailhead at the Gault Nature Reserve’s Nature Centre.

Mont Brassard Trail
In total the trail takes about three hours. There are seven fantastic viewpoints that will provide you with views of Lake Remi, Saint-Zenon, and the Black River Valley. There are rocky outcrops and a 60-meter high waterfall; the Voile de la Mariee. This all makes for an interesting afternoon. The trail begins at the welcome center in Sept Chutes Regional Park.

The Gorge Canyon Trail
This is the most popular hike in all of Parc de la Gorge, and for good reason! This trail offers the longest suspended footbridge in all of North America. Once you cross the bridge you’ll be able to visit the observation tower, which offers a wonderful view of the Gorge.  The formation of the canyon actually began during the ice age! The trailhead is located at the reception building, just off of Michaud Road.