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We are all now acutely aware of how frustrating it can be to be stuck indoors with young children who just need some exercise. Not only do young bodies need to stay moving and healthy, but they might also need an afternoon nap for their health – and your sanity. It’s not always easy to come up with ways kids can exercise indoors. So take a look at a few of these options, and pick a few to try out with your little ones.

Activity dice

You might be surprised, but it’s actually pretty easy to fold up a printed out cube. With one of these, you can write up a handful of quick activities for children to do after rolling the die. You might be surprised at how much fun kids have with these. There are lots of ways to use activity dice, but a favorite is to have two dice: One has animals (eg: elephant, frog, penguin), the other has actions (eg: jump like a, dance like a, etc) so when your kids roll the dice, they can use their imagination as well!

Fitness Deck

Much like the dice above, a fun and random way to exercise is to use a deck of cards. Have each suite be a different activity (jumping-jacks, sit-ups, squats, push-ups) and start drawing cards! Five of hearts? Do five jumping jacks! 2 of spades? 2 squats! You’ll have to decide on a reasonable number of repetitions for the face cards, but this can be a great way of transitioning from go-fish into something more active.

Music + Movement videos

In Japan, radio calisthenics programs were a hugely popular method for staying healthy and active. Take a page from that book and try out one of the thousands of ‘movement and music’ videos on youtube. These videos are great for playing, exercising, and dancing along. You might even find yourself having fun with them too!

Freeze Dance

This is an easy way to get kids moving and having fun. Play your kids’ favorite songs to dance along with, and have someone be a designated DJ. When the DJ hits pause on the music, everyone freezes in place as best they can. Kids will find it funny to see each other posing in the middle of their moves, and they’ll get a good workout holding positions.