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People tend to be skeptical whenever a new product or routine claims to add longevity to someone’s life. It is natural to be wary of false claims or innovative products that haven’t had many studies. 

However, it is a bit more believable that certain routines and body movements will add longevity to your life when it comes to exercises. Even if you remain a little skeptical, there is no doubt that the exercises will positively affect your health. 

While there are all sorts of workouts proven to increase your lifespan or help you live a healthier life well into your old age, one that is less talked about is arm strength training. According to the British Medical Journal, having a higher grip strength reduces mortality in the elderly and combats other harmful illnesses like respiratory disease and cancer. 

It is a known fact that muscles get weaker as you increase in age. However, regularly doing exercises that work your arm strength will help you maintain healthy muscles well into your elderly years. Not only does arm strength help prevent certain diseases you become more vulnerable to in your old age, but having controlled use of these muscles will also make mundane tasks easier for you as you continue to age. Rather than eventually having to rely on others to open a jar for you or carry a box up the stairs, if you’ve been working on your arm strength, there is no need to ask others for assistance. You will find you can live an independent life longer.

If you’ve been neglecting your arm workouts and are now worrying whether it will have detrimental effects on your life, don’t panic. You can begin building up your arm strength and soon be positioned to have healthy muscles for years to come, as long as you maintain their durability.

Some effective forms of arm exercise, to begin with, are deadlifts, dumbbell rows, and pull-ups. If these prove to be too difficult for you in the beginning stages, you can choose to begin with five-pound weights on each arm, completing circuits on each side. Once you start improving your arm strength, you can branch out into some heavier lifting to improve your grip strength.

Thankfully, arm strength is not some fad that will quickly go out of style. This form of exercise has proven effects on increasing your lifespan and giving you a better chance of living an independent lifestyle for longer.