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Not only is the art of foam rolling beneficial for relieving tight muscles after a strenuous workout, but it can also be a great tool to reset the body after a long day at work. Desk jobs are a major culprit for body aches, specifically in the back region. Luckily, foam rolling specific areas can relieve tension and tightness, as long as it is performed correctly. Here are some common foam rolling mistakes to avoid to prevent further injury to the back.

Improper Back Support:

A common mistake people make when foam rolling is getting on the roller and having no support under their neck. A lack of support puts strain on the neck, defeating the purpose of rolling out in the first place. For a safer roll, the feet should be placed flat on the floor, with the hands placed behind the neck, to hold it up.

Rolling the Wrong Place:

Another easy mistake to make is placing the foam roller in the wrong region of the back. You can cause more damage and strain if you roll too low on your back, specifically in the lumbar region. To reduce the risk of injury, the foam rolling should be restricted to the region between the shoulders and bottom of the rib cage.

Rolling too Quickly:

The final mistake to avoid when foam rolling is moving through the process too quickly. Rolling up and down the back once or twice is unlikely to yield any significant results. It is best to slowly target an area for 5-10 minutes to allow the muscles to relax and release tightness. If a specific area feels tighter then perform the rolling process slower and spend some time on that area to release the tension in that region.

Foam rolling is a beneficial tool for athletes and desk workers alike. It is useful for releasing muscle tension and allowing muscles to reset to their original position. When performing foam rolling it is important to remember these safety tips to prevent injury. When foam rolling the back, the neck should be supported throughout the rolling, the foam roller should remain between the shoulder blades and the ribs, and the process should be performed slowly and controlled.