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Finding things to do during the winter can sometimes be difficult. Depending on where you live, there is a high chance that your area will either be overtaken by snow, getting rid of some of the fun outdoor activities that you previously could have done–or, there is also a chance that you could be snowed in.

Here are a few activities that you can do either during or right after a storm, when there is snow on the ground, to keep you and your kids entertained and bonding.

Learn a new board game together.

If you’re snowed in, you know more than anyone that there are so many hours in the day. Take the time to learn a new board game or card game with your kids and get playin’.

Do a craft that you can decorate your home with.

There are so so many fun craft options online. Choose one that you and your kids are excited about, and hang it up in the house to commemorate that fun time. Ones that are usually popular involve using either family pictures or your kids’ pictures.

Make a snow fort or snowperson.

You can’t forget the traditional snow-day activities, like building things out of snow. There are so many things that can be made out of some good packing snow, from architectural structures to animals to so much more. Get creative with your kids. Have a competition. Build something all together.

Go sledding or tubing.

This, of course, is a timeless classic. Find somewhere within walking distance that you can take your children sledding or tubing. If there is nowhere by you, or your children are much younger, consider building them a sort of slide from snow in your yard or even a smaller decline.

Make a warm meal together.

Being snowed in is always a great time to encourage your kids to learn some new skills–cooking included. Stock up on supplies before the snowstorm, and make one of your kid’s favorites with them, while teaching them how along the way. Whether this is soup, homemade macaroni, and cheese, or even just baking–you have so much time at your disposal to engage with your kids and teach them a new skill.