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Fitness is important for the entire family. Childhood is all about being active while unknowingly getting a workout. Meanwhile, many adults claim they can’t find time to play games or exercise when they should be active role models for their children. You can get over that hurdle by making exercise fun for the entire family.

Walk The Dog

Dogs need movement just like their humans. Many family dogs are overweight because they never get moving. Walking the dog as a family not only gets the whole family out burning calories, but it brings everyone together as well. It allows everyone to be active while talking about your day and enjoying nature. If you don’t have a dog, volunteer at the local animal shelter or ask elderly neighbors if you can walk their pet.

Make It Fun

Old school games from days on the playground are just as fun today as they were years ago. Teach your kids some jump rope rhymes, how to play tag, or how four square works. Take the family on hikes and search for hidden treasures along the way, or bring everyone to the local playground so your kids can play on the equipment there. Active games that get you moving will elevate your heart rate without you realizing it, and changing up what you do every time will keep everyone from getting bored from any one activity too quickly. 

Take Them To The Gym

Let kids see you working out at your local gym. Take them with you and introduce them to the machines in the gym and the exercises you do while there. You can also bring them to the gymnasium daycare if yours has one, letting them play while you get your own exercise in. This can show them that it’s possible to work out year-round no matter the weather, and going routinely can teach them that it’s important to keep physical activity up year-round.

Keeping your kids active at an early age will likely instill the want to keep doing so as they get older, whether it be by going to the gym, joining a sports team, or repeating these activities with their own children when the time comes. Being a role model for kids will not only help them lead an active lifestyle, but it’ll help you lead one as well–a win-win situation for all.