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Frank Michelin

Health, Fitness & Parenting

About Frank Michelin

Frank Michelin, a consultant in the medical supplies industry, is also a dedicated father and fitness enthusiast. He spends his time trying to find the perfect work life balance, and is deeply passionate about his company, his children, and his hobbies.

Frank Michelin is the owner of a small out source company, which provides consulting and customer support services to medical supplies related companies in the United States. For Frank, the most rewarding aspect of his career has been the knowledge that he is helping the elderly. Furthermore, Michelin appreciates the interaction that he has with people; employees, vendors, and clients. Michelin is based in Montreal, but spends time in Florida. Follow Frank Michelin’s blog, focusing on exercise, parenting and sports.

Apart from his work, Frank Michelin deeply enjoys spending time with his kids. As a single parent, Frank is passionate about sharing experiences with his children as often as he can. He is an avid runner and sports fanatic, and tries often to engage his children in his passions while simultaneously encouraging them to pursue their own.

As a parent, Frank is a firm believer that you first have to center yourself before you can center your children. Frank believes that by taking time to work on yourself internally, you’ll more effectively be able to center your kids. Frank has also found that it’s important to banish irrational/invalid arguments from your home. For Frank, insist arguments or fights, whether it’s between kids and parents or among the siblings, are subject to highest penalty level (time-out!). As a father, Frank has come to learn that there is no escaping monkey see monkey do when parenting. “Expect your children to copy your habits and if those are habits you would rather your children avoid, better quit them first.”

Another fundamental part of Frank Michelin’s life is fitness. For Frank, sticking to his strict exercise regime, running twice/week and boxing twice/week, is of utmost importance. Staying healthy and active, not only for himself but for his kids is a top priority for Michelin. During the winter months, Frank plays hockey and skis regularly. On occasion, Frank will practice yoga, along with other stretch techniques like Feldenkrais Method.

In addition to this, his kids and exercising, Frank Michelin takes great interest in sports. He is an active follower of professional Hockey, Baseball and Football, and to a lesser degree, Soccer and Basketball. Overall, Michelin is interested in personal athletic achievements and so he follows the careers of athletes in F1, Downhill Skiing, and some Olympic Sports. When the opportunity presents itself, Michelin enjoys both attending and watching sporting events with his kids.